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Breathing techniques

The breath is voice of your soul, your breath connects you to your body, it brings you back to the now, there for takes you out of the mind and into the body. So doing breathing techniques, cultivating them into your day takes you back into the now even for a minute from your day to re ground you, so can be nice to do in the morning when You wake up and sleep or when something arises in your day… breath baby girl, when you feel you need a break, step away a breaaatthh. your breath is there to help you out, it keeps you alive! one other thing is we don’t breath properly any more, we breath through out chests when we should be breathing and moving like we used to when we were baby’s, from the core and the diaphragm /stomach. So when I practise some of these  different simple techniques it will slow you down so you can chill the hell out.

Yoga Nidra

I always offer to brides  on the wedding because of the usual lack of sleep from the night before, and yoga nidra being so very rejuvenating its a great way to ease adrenaline in the morning.

It is progressive body relaxation, you can experience greater rejuvenation from 15 mins of yoga nidra than you can from 4 hours sleep. If you are feeling Run down and tired and you still have things to complete, practise this and you will find it will rejuvenate the body, giving clarity and peacefulness of mind.

Before I start this treatment I shall lay out crystals for all the elements that we are all made up of which combine together differently for every person and make the functional aspect of the human body, they are known as doshas which are

Vata ether and air

Pitta fire and water

Kapha  water and earth


I will let you pick your jem so we can then set out a special ayurvedic Intention used with jem therapy as part of healing to regain more  balance. And then lead you into the lovely yoga nidra.

Is a awesome ayurvedic treatment, especially if you love crystals and have a connection with them. This one I love creating for a group of girlie friends because it’s a lovely way to connect with eachother and the natural elements we are all made up of.

Mindfulness meditation


Through this meditation you can experience that you are not the mind but the observer of it. You are self different from the mind, is what the vedas say. This is a lovely one to learn that you can use anytime of the day to remind us of who we truly are and bring us back to the now espically when are minds are just going crazzzy? the monkey mind.


Japa meditation

This is just a beautiful one, using mantras to deepen and awaken the voice from within, its a way of us Deepening our understanding of our divine /divine purpose the mantras are of deep spiritual vedic meaning of different gods, a hole load of deepness!  you can also do this anywhere anytime, walking, before bed or when you wake up which is what I love to do. By concentrating on the beads you can be mindful of the mantra you are saying as you move to each bead of you your Japa beads. By practising on a regular basis you will experience a sense of calm and inner-peacefulness.


Combo, Blow dry , meditation and breath work


Experience all 3 in one service, why not!? is a good way to introduce yourself to meditation too if you have not done much or any before so it can be a good little insight to breath work and meditation and  a great way to relax and feel more pampered whilst having a blow-dry.


Mini Marma point massage


Practising this frees energy (prana) than can stagnate in these points and build up in the body causing illness or pain.  In Chinese medicine these points are known as acupuncture points, in the ayurvedic and yogic healing they are known as marma points, it’s a great treatment to have and understand because some you can tap into everyday and become more aware of your feelings.  I do this at home when carrying out my daily routines. I will massage my body in oil first and gently in a circular motion massage a point where needed, usually in the hands. For centuries practitioners have been mapping the human body and linking various limbs and organs, immune responses and even emotions to specific energy points, It is all linked… the mind body and consciousness.


Its considered a great self care practise in Ayurveda. As a lot of us are now discovering that happiness doesn’t necessarily lie on the outside of us but instead, its literally at our fingertips. Also can give physical relief from stiff muscles and boost circulation. There are 107 marma points , I will only be massaging a few of these so you can leave feeling  a bit more in the now! And pick up some tips for tips too, I can point out some areas I see could be worked on.




Dosha quiz

If you are wanting more info on Ayurveda and just interested then it’s a great way of getting to know about your inherent state and understand how your mind and body are naturally, this helps maintain a more balanced life. But dosha's change like everything else, to have an accurate reading please see an ayurvedic doctor, where they can carry out a pulse reading and consultation.(ask for more details)


Dosha test and consultation with ayurvedic doctor

(subject to availability)

If you do want further guidance we can forward you onto an amazing ayurvedic doctor and friend of mine.


Ritual tips

(daily routines)

Simple daily practises that help you in your general day to day life, mentally and physically gives you’re a calmer more aware state of mind. You will be very surprised by applying little adjustments  to your day make a big impact on life in such an amazing way.

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